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Here ya go Scott, this was easier to do!


This is a toughie!!! First, remove the bottom of the rear seat from the car. There are two plastic levers to pull on the front of it and it comes right out. Remove the seatbelts and there should be 2 more bolts sticking out holding in the seat back. After removing the nuts from these, pick up on the back of the seat to remove it. Make sure to watch out for it catching and you breaking something!!! Now, after it is gone, there are plastic pieces holding the panel on the back dash. Pry these off with a screwdriver and pull the panel down. Be careful because the seat belts run through this and it is easy to break. Hope this helps.


Found this on the web, and hope it works!

Sounds rather complicated to me though. Best information I have come across, but it doesn't sound good!

Love ya Mom!!!!!

Tim D.