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I decided I needed to open up the passenger compartment.......this is the leftover Bondo. A lot of cutting with the Dremel was required to open things up......
...resulting in this. I cut the basic shape of the dash, most of the footwell and the beginnings of the door panels in one shot. The door panels need to be finished and I neeed to decide if I want to use sheet plastic for the floor or just flatten it out with the Dremel.
I tossed it all together with a set of wheels and tires from a Fujimi Porsche for this pic. I guess, from the looks of this, Ed Roth had more of an influence on me than I'd ever thought.
I wanted to see how it looked in I shot the body with Krylon "Pumpkin Orange". I like it, this may end up being the final color - though "final" is a word not yet closely associated with this model.

At this point, the paint is really just a guide coat. I find a glossy surface helpful in checking the contours of bodywork, sometimes gremlins can hide in flat finishes.

This shot shows the front at the same stage as the pic above.
Though I like the shape, I think the front slopes down too much. If I do another, the front won't be as pointy. I've got too much work in this one so far to even consider piling on the putty to correct this issue.

In the display case below is a Maisto Honda S2000. I took this shot to give a reference to the size. It looks tiny to me, until I put it next to the S2000. When there's something to use as a reference point, it doesn't seem so tiny.
I decided to use the front suspension from a Revell Plymouth Prowler kit. I'm also using the wheels at this point, though they will probably change again.

I cut the front suspension pieces away from the Prowler chassis, but left the frame rails. I'm hoping it will be strong enough, this thing is hefty for it's size!
In order to keep the car low, the front suspension had to fit up into the body - more Dremel work.

I marked the outline of the front suspension onto the bottom of the body and fired up the Dremel to make some more dust.
And the front suspension fits like this. I haven't decided if I want to finish this area or not. I don't see it ever being picked up without the display case it will be in. Being a modeler, though, means I may end up dissatisfied with leaving it unfinished.
And here are the results thus far. It sits too high, I need to decide how I want to rectify that. I might just raise the front suspension further into the body. Or, I might just cut the front suspension apart and reposition the spindles to lower the front.

The rear suspension is a bit of a stumper at this point. I'm not really planning a whole lot, just trying whatever ideas pop up.

Stay Tuned for More......