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Here are some Formula One Boat shots to help in detailing Revell's "Formula One Team" boat.

Shots that show the steering system are particularly hard to find, so that's what I'll concentrate on here.

This shows the steering cable connection to the outboard. I'm not aware of any aftermarket parts for these kits, and, with them being OOP, I don't see it happening. The airplane or train section of your local hobby shop may be of some help with parts like this (the pulley in particular). I might try to scale these parts, if anyone is interested.
This shot shows the steering cable exiting from the hull, as well as the pulleys at the motor.
This shot shows the area that is really hard to get pics of, someone is always standing in the way! It shows the cables as connected to the motor, and back to the hull. It also is a better shot of the pulley that the cable runs through.
Here is a shot of the engine without it's cover. Anybody up for making this in scale?
This is a diagram of the cockpit area. While not an actual picture, it should be helpful.
This drawing shows the basics of Formula One boat layout. Sorry, I don't have the legend for this one.
Here is a cutaway drawing with a legend to pick out the parts shown in the diagram

Hopefully these pictures, drawings and cutaways will be helpful in building an accurate Formula One boat replica.