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These are some images of Chris-Craft boats, gathered from around the net, to assist in building and detailing AMT's 1959 Customizing Boat" kit. I researched this project a while back, but never got around to building it.

None of the boats here look exactly like the one that AMT kitted, but should give a bit of a feel for the Chris Craft style.

This shot shows the layout and basics of the Mercruiser inline 6.

This pic shows the wood, used to build these boats, very well.

Another front shot, from above this time.

Side shot on a trailer.


"Interior" shots.

The above shot seems to look a lot like the AMT kit.


Finally, a shot of the windshield support. I love this piece, would make a very nice detail in scale. I think it shows a bit of the "craft" that went into these boats.

I know these pics aren't the best, and some aren't very clear, but they give you an idea of the common traits of these boats and just how much variation there is among them.