Decal Repair

I might be the only one to encounter this problem, but I doubt it. I recently purchased a 1993 Ford Ranger promotional model made by Ertl. It's a nice looking little truck that I intended to modify anyway. It was in mint condition, except for the decals. They are original and not scratched, but they were bubbled!

I was at a loss as to how to repair this. Since I wasn't worried about keeping this model as an original promo, I decided that some experimentation was in order.


While there are a number of very good decal solvents available, the only one I had on hand was Testors decal solvent. Armed with that and a Testors paintbrush, I went to work on the decals. I started applying the solvent at the edges, working under the decals to the center and back out. It only took a bit of time and effort to make the decals lay flat again. They aren't perfect, as some small bubbles and ragged edges remain, and some of the color stayed on the body of the truck instead of moving with the decals.

So, while this truck awaits modification and further detailing, it is a decent display piece in it's own right.