The Process

Photoetching is a process that involves removal of metal through the use of chemicals. The process and materials are widely used in the electronics industry and hobby. It has recently come to be used by several companies to create small detail parts for the model cars we build. These companies cover a wide variety of products, however they don't produce everything that everyone wants. Sometimes a modeller may want a part that is not produced by these companies. The only options then are: Wait and hope that someone decides to produce the part, scratchbuild it using some other means, or photoetch it yourself.

Photoetching is a rather simple process which can easily be done by someone with the desire to create their own parts, access to the required materials, and the artistic ability to create the patterns to be used. The only thing they need after that is the knowledge of the processes and materials involved.

This site is here to provide a basic overview of the process of creating photoetched parts. It is not intended to be a complete how-to. Always read the labels on the products you are using and remember that this process can be dangerous.


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