Soldering Diecast
By: Christopher Roldan

Some modelers have wondered if diecast can be soldered, and the answer is yes. I was hoping to post a more informative tutorial but unfortunately I could not find someone to help photograph the steps as I soldered the pieces together. Anyway, this is the best I came up with while trying to hold the torch and camera simultaneously.

To better perform this task, a small oxygen & acetylene torch set is the best way to go....

....with a "mini torch", sometimes called a "micro torch", for soldering & brazing a small area.

Stay Clean liquid flux and silver solder is what you want to use for best results.

If you've never used this type of a set up, or gas welded before, I suggest taking a "gas welding" course at your local community college. You would be surprised how handy this skill could be around the house, especially for repairing your driveway gate after crashing your car through it rushing to your local hobby shop to buy the last set of Pegasus T's!

Once the parts being soldered together have been cleaned from any dirt or grease, join the pieces with clamps of some sort. apply the tip of the flame on the seam of the two parts being soldered. if one of the two parts is thicker, concentrate on keeping the flame a little more on the thicker......

..then, as soon as you start to notice a little discoloration in the metal, apply the liquid flux with a acid brush.... is the time to act quickly! Before the flux dries and metal cools, place the solder on the joint to be soldered then put the tip of the flame directly on the solder. It will instantly melt then flow to any area where the flux was applied fusing the two parts together....

...and presto! soldered diecast!

So, how strong is it in comparison to epoxy? Well, the test piece I soldered was 5/8"x1/16" with a solder bead about 3/16" wide. To determine the strength, I hung the body from the piece that was soldered, then hung a 20 lb ingot (weight) to the body and, as you can see, it holds up with no problem!

I will say this, of all metal materials I've soldered, diecast is one of the most stubborn and requires practice and patience. But, don't let that stop you, fight like a true warrior and conquer this modeling mystery!