This little trick will only work on windows that you are cutting from flat clear plastic.

I recently tinted some windows I had custom made for side windows in a Buick wagon model I built.

It was my first time at using Tamiya "Smoke" color acrylic paint to tint windows. I originally cut the windows from the sheet plastic and tried to tint them after. Big mistake. The smoke color wanted to gather at the edges (making all the edges darker) no matter what spraying technique I tried. Then it dawned on me. Shoot the whole sheet of clear plastic, and cut the windows out of the middle of it!

This worked great. Also, give that sheet of tinted plastic AMPLE time to dry! I found that even after two weeks of letting it sit, once I handled the sheet, there were fingerprint impressions in it. Oddly enough, they would still flow out if you left it alone for a day or so. So, be a bit careful handling the tinted plastic.