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Inspired by the Grinnall Scorpion IV, the Morgan 3-wheelers, a futuristic street rod built by Ricky Couch and more than a bit by Ed Roth comes the "SPROD" - a Sports Rod. A combination of a sports car and a street rod - powered by a Harley-Davidson V-twin mounted at the very rear of the car.

I hope to use this project to demonstrate a variety of techniques as well as to, hopefully, inspire others to expand their horizons a bit. This is the first scratchbuilt body I've ever attempted. Heck, it's not very often that I do major bodywork on a model anyway.

I really didn't have anything planned when I started this project, just a picture in my mind and an idea of the techniques to be used - and that was only for the body.......everything else has just seemed to happen.

Please check back often to watch this project progress.

Part One

Part Two     Added 10/05/01