My Project Cars

  Gotta show some of my work......


    Features seats and mirrors from the Testors "Boyds Hauler", steering wheel from Revell's '32 3-window, Fujimi wheels, tires and brakes, sheet plastic windows (sides and rear), scratchbuilt turn signal stalk and shift lever on a scratchbuilt column. Click on the picture for more pictures and info.

    Still needs a bit of finishing on the interior, i.e shifter and turn signal handles. I need to finish detailing the brakes too.

    Still no engine either. Plans call for a "Whipplecharger" equipped small-block with shorty headers, and an aluminum rod exhaust system attached to the kit muffler.


'57 Chevy "Street-Racer" based on a pic from an old Hot Rod Magazine article. Features Flo-Quil Wisconsin Central Maroon paint and my third attempt at using Bare Metal Foil. Shown here "set together". It's going to be "restored" with a twist or 2. Okay, the body is basically finished, the interior is done stock style (but will probably get a roll bar)....although it's going to be a small-block car, it'll be dual quads and headers, sort of '60's early '70's hopped up. Wheels are from an MPC "Streaker Vette".

Simple, with all the manners of a sledgehammer!

The high stance will stay, even though this is just a mock-up. Mostly stock front and rear suspension with Lakewood traction bars and a driveshaft loop. A bit of photoetch on the engine and maybe resin carbs. Fender well headers are a definite possibility.......
Pro Touring 59 Ford Retractable???
Well, it's sort of a still born project...hasn't moved in a while as evidenced by the dust. Wheels and tires from some sort of Vette kit, scratchbuilt front spindles and Testors flourescent red paint. Engine is from an AMT Craftsman truck kit.
Seems this model is one of my forgotten soldiers, but it will be finished someday - and I still like the concept

Restoration Projects

AMT '65 Valiant Craftsman.

I bought this one at a local swap meet. The windows have been polished (I didn't get any "before" shots of them) because they were opaque from scratches accumulated over the years.

Eventually this one will be cleaned up, painted (still trying to decide the color), replated and proudly displayed

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