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Okay, so it's mostly trucks.............
Revell '99 Chevy extended cab. S-Parts wheels and tires (3-spoke), now wearing a Plasti-Kote metallic aqua paint job, mixed from several colors. Not sure what else is in the cards for this one
It'll be seriously slammed, maybe a custom interior. Engine details will probably include another Whipplecharged small-block, scratchbuilt custom exhaust and A/C.

Revell '97 Ford Extended Cab.
Mostly stock, Plasti-Kote touch-up paint in Ford gray (okay, I don't remember the actual color).
If I can figure out how to scratch one up, I'll add a Vortech blower. I'm thinking that a semi-truck turbo would be a good starting point for a Vortech.

So far, I've resin cast a few copies of the blower from my Italeri Peterbilt. I haven't done much at attempting to make the resin parts into a Vortech or Paxton-style blower......but at least I have a start on it!
Another '97 Ford, this time an AMT regular cab long bed. Smooth black paint, slammed over the Torque-Thrusts from Revell's Vette Agin kit. Dark Sand interior, specially mixed Sherwin-Williams lacquer. Plans include a billet steering wheel and some modern sport truck accessories.
Again, a Vortech blower would be nice on this one too.....maybe someday.
Another restoration project. Honestly, I'm not even sure what year this Caddy is. It's a JoHan kit, it came with a '64 front bumper and a '63 rear bumper...both painted an '80s Miami Vice Pink, yech! Looking for clean bumpers that match....
Paint is a custom mix of Testors Enamels, airbrushed and clear coated with Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic.
Stock engine with open element air-cleaner and custom valve covers. The dashboard required some reconstructive surgery to fill the holes from the previous build (not by me).
Bought the Caddy for $3 at a garage sale...... The same garage sale netted an AMT/Ertl Lexus, a Revell '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery, a Revell '65 Vette, and a Bburago Cobra diecast.
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