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Okay, so my photography skills haven't improved much over the last few weeks ;o). I need to get some more (better) pics of this car. AMT/Ertl's '71 Plymouth Duster. I have got to say, I love this kit!
This one is painted with Plasti-Kote Engine Enamel...."Hot Rod Yellow". The black decals from the kit seem to set off the yellow very nicely. Wheels came from the AMT/Ertl 70-1/2 Camaro, along with the Mickey T's on the rear. Front tires are the Duster kits Goodyear Polyglases.
I added the Hemi-style hood scoop from a Revell/Monogram '69 Dodge Charger. Only the passenger's side is foiled, so far. The chassis even has the yellow overspray!

Power will come from a tunnel-rammed 340, still looking for racing style Mopar valve covers though.
Here's a really bad pic of the deep sump oil pan I cast for this car. I decided to keep the stock style contours of the pan, having read somewhere that some of the Mopar racers have to run the steering gear through the oil pan. I didn't want to do that, so I just made the sump deeper and a bit larger - but not enough to interfere with the steering gear. This move seemed to be a good one - Moroso's small block Chrysler oil pans are made the same way. My dimensions are also pretty close to Moroso's.

AMT '55 Chevy Sedan.....
A "trailer queen" idea that was inspired by getting a partial '55 Chevy from a local hobby shop. I had no idea what to do with it.....but I painted it anyway. Then I set the body on the chassis and added the wheels from AMT's Phantom Vickie. One of the missing parts is the hood, so the engine is clearly visible. For visual impact, I decided on a big-block Chevy. I was going to use a blower, but instead decided on a tunnel ram with an "injector hat" style air cleaner.
Everything is slathered in a coat of Plasti-Kote Torque-n-Teal enamel. I plan to add Moroso Valve covers and the rest of the trim (headlight bezels and such) but the grille may be left off. Sort of a play on Scott Sullivan's "Cheez Whiz" - his was a low key driver....this isn't....but it was part of the inspiration.

This is another project....almost done.

AMT's SnapFast Plus "Ramblur".
I filled the blower hole in the hood and mounting holes for the spoiler on the rear deck have been filled as well. I foil copied a grille from AMT's '55 Chevy and fit the grille into the kit surround (of course, the kit grille was cut away).
The paint is Duplicolor "Torque-n-Teal" engine enamel. After masking the windows, the top was sprayed with Krylon Semi-Flat Black.
I still can't keep the chrome from looking washed out in my pics.....but the wheels are American "Daisy Spokes" from AMT's '63 Impala...or was it the '64? Those wheels are the best thing about that kit (whichever it was), in my opinion.
I simply made up some longer axles and called the chassis done. Some of the foil is done, still a bit more to go. I'm not sure if my foiling follows the "proper" trim for this car, but it looks nice to me. I just need to finish the foil and figure out what I'm going to do about the taillights. Oh yeah, I'm gonna put the bumpers back on it too.

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