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More New Stuff has been added!!.




"Resin" Casting at Home




Grumpy's Toy Pics!!!


Some of my projects:
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Page 5 - The "Sprod"  

General Links

1:1 Reference Links

Emergency Vehicle Links

Reference Pages:  

Wiring References!
Firing orders & spark plug locations.


Plumbing References!
Information for plumbing nitrous and dry sump systems.
NEW!! 9/25/02

    Boats Page 1 (For Chris Craft boats)
    Boats Page 2 (For Formula 1 boats)
    HAZMAT Placards
Downloadable images for truck modelers.
How-To Articles:   Motor Max Motorcycle Detailing
(article still in progress)
    Basic Suspension How-Tos.
    Scratchbuilding an Oil Cooler: Part 1.
    Bodywork: Part 1, Banishing ghost lines
    Basic Detailing: Simple Tips and Tricks
    Scratchbuilding Aluminum Breathers Without power tools!!
    Photoetching: Step by Step!
A step by step walk through using my basic techniques for photoetching
    Decal Repair
How I repair bubbled decals.
NEW!!! 11/14/02
Contributed Articles:  

Replacing Windshield Pillars
By Bob Downie.
Updated 11/15/02


Paint Problems & Solutions
By Klaus Raddatz.


Paint Booth Design.
By Klaus Raddatz.
NEW!!! 11/15/02


Scale Speaker Grilles
By Chris Roldan.


Cheap and Easy Battery Cables
By Daniel Peterson.


Window Tinting:
By Dave Young.


Build a roof rack for your station wagon or van.
By Dave Young.


Open Element Air Cleaner Detailing
By Jeff Corey


Primer Comparison
By Tim Doty.


2-Tone Painting
By Tim Doty.
NEW!! 11/14/02


Kitbashing a Ford Flathead 6
By Todd McWilliams.
New!!! 11/15/02

'64 Galaxie Project


Model Car Tech aims to be your source for modeling information. The "Tech" in Model Car Tech is for "technique" as well as technology. I believe more in "appropriate technology" than just "high-tech". That means that sometimes low-tech is the best tech. From the information on my site you can learn: Photoetching at Home, Inexpensive Resin Casting, techniques for bodywork and painting, scratchbuilding ideas, and, soon, even more.

Things to come:
Paint booth design and construction.
More about resin casting.
Better bodywork and finishing


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